Sunday, June 21, 2009

Name : Chiranan Chanphaison
Nickname : Sommy
B-day : Feb,24th,1990
Age : 19
Gender : Female
Hometown : Nongkhay
Present Ad': Rayong
Graduated : Watpapradoo School
Now I'm studying bachelor of Education, English major at Burapha University
Blood type : B
Hobbies : Listen to music, Watch movies, Read books, 'net surfing, chatting, singing, dance, play badminton, watch TV
Food : e-sarn cuisine, sea food's, etc.
Colours : Red & Sky-blue
Movies : Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, etc.
Music : RnB, DnB, etc.
Future : English Teacher :)
e-mail :


  1. I thing you are very bright .
    you can write your biography in the English language.
    i am surprise in yourself.

  2. Very happy to see your blog Som!

    Ever that you speak here in english I will read!

    Abraços! lol! Brazilian friend!